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Skip Hire In Crawley To Recycle Your Waste

By June 23, 2013June 2nd, 2021Skip Hire in Crawley

Skips have been around since the 1960s, and what seems like such a simple design, that is little more than a solid container, has proven to be a godsend to not only the construction industry, but also for private home use. Skips can be filled with all sorts of waste – including recyclable materials.


Have you ever wondered to yourself what exactly happens to all the waste that gets taken away in a full skip? Are you concerned that any waste you place in a skip will end up in the local landfill? Would you prefer to hire from a local to skip hire company that is committed to recycling at least 90% of all skip content? Then you can rest assured that you can get skip hire in Crawley that does exactly that! Look no further than Cox Skips to supply you with a skip that fits your needs at a cost-effective price, and who pride themselves on their outstanding recycling capabilities.


Recycling has become a very effective way of reducing the drain on the Earth’s natural resources, and having the ability to recycle 90% of skip content using our own fully licensed Waste Recycling Centre means that we can reduce the overall waste produced by many local businesses and private individuals each year.


Our in-house recycling facility allows us to separate recyclables and process them in the most efficient way. Even if the waste is collected completely mixed there is a process in place to ensure that all materials collected will be assessed for recycling prior to their final disposal. This means that there is no need for you to separate the waste prior to collection, as we can do this on your behalf.

Some Crawley skip hire companies are not as thorough as Cox Skips when it comes to recycling, and some companies will simply discard the entire content to landfill sites where even recyclable items will not be rescued.  However, we are well versed in sifting through skip waste to recover recyclable items, and understand how this can help reduce impact on the environment.

But is this extra effort worthwhile? We believe it is. While recycling skip waste may require a little extra time and effort on our part, we are all rewarded with the knowledge that our efforts are helping to make a difference. You are a big part of this by choosing Cox Skips for your skip hire in Crawley.

Whether you need a skip for waste created from renovation or building work, or you are just looking to hire a skip for a general household de-clutter, recycling your waste with us is an effective way to conserve the environment, and create less drain on the planet’s dwindling resources.

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