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Recycling for the Future

As part of our continued commitment to sustainable development The Cox Group is committed to recycle at least 90 % of the general waste materials we handle.

We process as much waste as possible using our own fully licensed Waste Recycling Centre. This facility allows us to separate recyclables and process in the most efficient way. The recycling centre gives our customers the confidence that even if the waste is collected mixed there is a process in place to ensure that all materials collected will be assessed for recycling prior to final disposal.

We provide services for the collection and reprocessing/recycling of glass, cardboard, hardcore, soil, steel, aluminium, copper, plasterboard, UPVC and various hazardous waste materials like televisions, computer monitors, fluorescent tubes and fridges.

Recycling is very much a developing market and is dependant on the cost of processes to separate and clean recyclables, the cost of actually recycling the material and the demands of the end user for that product. Like any market it is about supply and demand and as demand grows The Cox Group is at the forefront leading the way by investing in automated systems to help separate materials and specialised collection vehicles to collect segregated materials from site.

Our sister company The Recycling Partnership provide services to collect recyclables from local businesses including paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, food tins, glass bottles and jars.